and attention to detail.
In the realization of turnkey contracting solutions.
Strong specialization in interior finishing and fitting out for the retail sector.
The difference is quality.



Realisation of plasterboard’s walls and ceilings. This activity includes the following secondary and supplementary works: carpentry, thermal and acoustic isolations.


Realisations of all types of painting and covering walls, restoration of the plaster with varnish or clean – up, laying of flexible, textile or plastic coverings assimilated on horizontal or vertical surface. This activity includes the following secondary and supplementary works: walls covering with tiles or marbles, clean -up, sandblasting, shot – blasting, acoustic and thermal isolation, internal and esternal.

Covering of the surface with flexible material and floating parquets

Realisation of floating or fixed parquets, of flexible coverings with or without textile support, of all type of plastic coverings, rubber and similar materials, or wooden coverings and everything else made with the same techniques.

Realization of screed and floor

Realization of screed and tiles or marbles floor. This activity includes the following secondary and supplementary works: laying of acoustic and thermal under the screed or floating.

Ralization of apartments

RèActif handles all types of work and supplies using the “Turnkey” technique.

For all the electric and hydraulics part and for all the supplies, rèActif works with French and Italian companies based in Paris, wich have already done many works with the same aim: satisfy the client with quality realisation.

Our company

A new company based in Paris was created in April 2017 with French legislation, it’ll take care of the construction and management of the private yards and the boutiques, mainly for the restructuring lots: plasterboard, ceiling, painting, floating and rigid flooring, electricity and plumbing work. In general, it’ll take care of the whole part of tile work.

The company will have all the necessary documentation and certification in France, and it aims to achieve a maxima performance, the Italian reactivity and quality on the French ground, in order to let the French client, have the immediate efficacy and quality.

The company will be created thanks to the experience of ETC Srl, which is expert in the creation of yards and boutique in the whole Europe, and the consulting of Officina Tecnica Srl, that has already been working in France and Italy since 2010, and that brings all of her numerous years of experience on the French field together with its chief Mr. Damiano, who’s been working in Paris since 2012 with the company Edilizia Integrale SRL, Italian company developed in the same construction.

From May 2017, RèActif has been developing these activities in several Parisian and European yards.


For requests or quotes, do not hesitate to write to us.

We usually reply within a few hours.

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réActif Sarl

140 Bis, rue de Rennes 75006 Paris (FR)
SARL au capital de 10 000 euros
Siret: 829 153 873 00015
TVA intracommunautaire: FR 33 829 153 873

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